Assets and Properties Destroyed, Disappeared (Lesson from Job)

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Assets and properties are very hard to build. It takes many decades or even centuries. What should you do if your assets and properties suddenly disappeared? Will you blame God or will you still praise Him? The story of Job is one of my favorite stories from the holy bible. Let me share to you this story so that you will remain faithful and righteous. As I have written awhile ago being a righteous man is one best guaranteed from God to make you prosper.

Today, ask yourself this question. Will you still become righteous if your hard-acquired assets and properties will just disappeared in just one day just like what happened to Job? isn’t all about the money, it will also provide information about spiritual maturity, the importance of health and wealth and will keep you thinking about the importance of money and love. I know you have read those types of articles. I hope you still enjoy visiting this precious blog of mine. Okay, let’s continue strengthening our faith.


Assets and Properties Destroyed, Disappeared (Lesson from Job)

During the days of Job, the properties and assets are live stocks such as cows, sheeps and servants. In our times it is the business enterprises, paper assets such as mutual funds, stock shares, cash, employees and properties such as real estates. Hey, during Job’s time, life and health insurance is not available. Job’s best insurance and assurance is the power of God.

Job experienced struggles, losing, sufferings, loneliness, frustrations that no other people could ever imagine. Not only his assets and properties are suddenly disappeared. Even his loving children died in just one day. According to the holy scriptures, after all his properties gone, his children died, he also had a tough times when had illness. The illness that will really make him died, an illness from head to toe. His wife rather than to be with Job and support him in his toughest days, his wife taught him to turn his back to Job’s God but Job replied; do not just accept blessings from God, accept even bad things from Him.

Job Remains Steadfast Even if His Assets and Properties Disappeared

Jobs friend is asking him to pray for his sin. Some of his friends also asked him to curse his God. But Job didn’t listen. He only replied, me and my God will be the one to talk about what is happening to my life. Job prayed so hard, he mourn night and day until he proves to God his faithfulness. As you have noticed he never blame God. He didn’t even think that God don’t love him and he didn’t speak negative words, he remains prayerful and faithful.

In our times my dear readers, we can also experience the life experiences of Job. You are protecting your properties and family. However, no one can guarantee you to stay wealthy and happy because of risks such as climate risk, disasters, economic crisis, accidents, health risks etc. What would you do if something bad happened to your assets, properties or even to your loved ones? Will you call your financial advisor and claim your insurance or the first best thing to do is to call the Father above to ask for an help and make you strengthen your faith and hope.

Do you know after Job experiencing toughest time in his life and he showed to God his faithfulness, God rewards Job more assets and properties. God blessed job a more live stocks, children (7 sons 3 daughters) another extra years (140 years) and he had a long and meaningful life. Wow! 140 years? Double his assets and properties, happy and healthy children, what a wonderful life!

Some people when has no meal on their table, when they have illness, when their stomach aches, when they experience disasters or calamities, they blame God. When they are not rich, they blame God. Some people keep on praying when they are poor asking for riches but when they became rich they only forget Him. They just do whatever they want, drinking, doing enjoyable things even immorality as long as they enjoy their lives.

Choose to Be Financially and Spiritually Wealthy

Beginning today, keep on being faithful, righteous, prayerful to our Almighty God whatever happened even the stock market crashed, even your assets disappeared, even if you didn’t achieve your financial goal. Our assets can only be use in this earth planet. When we died, we still have other asset to be given by our Lord Jesus Christ on judgment day.

The worldly assets and a heavenly kingdom are both important. How great if you are rich in this planet earth and at the same time you are rich in heaven. Choose to be financially and spiritually wealthy. One thing that the holy scriptures can guarantee you if you remain faithful and righteous;

Guaranteed, No Questions Ask!

“So don’t worry at all about having enough food and clothing. Why be like the heathen? For they take pride in all these things and are deeply concerned about them. But your heavenly Father already knows perfectly well that you need them, and he will give them to you if you give him first place in your life and live as he wants you to.” (Bible, Mt. 6:31-33)

That’s guaranteed. Our Almighty Father will give us all we need. But we should make Him our priority. When you think you are righteous and faithful man, try to ask Him anything such as financial success, financial freedom, happy family, healthy and fabulous body, growing assets, increasing net worth. Just believe you will always receive what you are asking for.

What about you? If in case you assets and properties suddenly disappear? What would you do and what would be your reactions? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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