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We are in need of article writers for If you are interested to contribute article for this site, kindly read the guidelines below. Article writing is a therapy. Through writing, you can express yourself. In article writing online, you will have a wide audience. This a good way to get an online article writing jobs for beginners. When you are applying for article writer, you can show your article you wrote in this site to your clients.

Also, one of the benefits of article writing is that you can share your opinion, thoughts, reactions, or point of views to almost anything. If you are ready to write articles for this site, read the guidelines.


1. Your article must be unique and original.

2. Your article length must be at least 500 words.

3. Write what you know. Start writing tutorials about “how to” or a essay type.

4. Write anything related to your interest or a topic that fits in the site categories.

5. No keywords stuffing. Just write naturally. Talk to your readers.

Articles Writers Needed for these Topics

Choose any of the category below. When creating a post, you should choose “category” so that the site content was organized.

Article Writers Needed

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Banking and Accounting – write article about banking tips, online banking safety or accounting.
Business and Entrepreneurship – write articles about business tips, guides and tutorials.
Careers – share what you know about the best career for 21st century.
Credit Card Tips – write article about credit card offers, reviews, tips and tricks.

Education – article writers who loves to share the importance of education is fitted in this category. You can also write a review about the best colleges and universities in your country. Or write something about studying tips and teaching tips.

Entertainment – write articles about the latest news and updates in entertainment industry like Oscars, Grammy, Billboards, etc. Also, it is a good idea if you can write more about celebrity rumors.

Environment – write articles about environmental protections.
Family – write something about family and parenting.

Personal Finance – write articles about money management, saving, budgeting, earning and giving or tithing money.

Health – write articles about health tips, weight loss, or anything related to health care.
Insurance – write articles or reviews about the life insurance or health insurance companies.

Internet – write tutorial guides about facebook, google, yahoo, email, youtube, twitter, wordpress, blogger, etc.

Investing – write articles about stock market investing, mutual funds, unit investment trust funds, bonds, forex, CDs, asset allocation, risk management and anything related to investing.

Jobs – write articles about job opportunities, jobs abroad or announcement about job fairs.
Lifestyle – write a tutorial guide on how to have a healthy and awesome lifestyle.
Loans and Grants – if you know more about salary loans, business loans, write articles fro this category.

Money – share your thoughts about money.
People – write articles about the famous people like richest men, famous celebrities, athletes and theor net worth.
Politics – if you want to write about political news like elections, choose this category.
Quotes – share inspirational quotes and explain them one by one.
Real Estate – share what you know about flipping houses and making money through real estate investing.

Relationship – write articles about relationship, dating, sex and marriage.
Sports – write articles about upcoming sports events like boxing, NBA, UFC or anything related to sports like the upcoming Olympics 2016.

Technology – write articles about the latest technology or a model/brand review about different electronic gadgets.
Trending Story Online – if you found trending story on Facebook, YouTube or news online, share it here.

Article Writers Needed

Update: Spammers wrote low quality blog post. We want to maintain the quality of this site. If you are interested to write for this site, kindly submit your article for manual review. At the end of your article, do not forget to create short biography.


John Doe: Experts in investing and personal finance. He lives in California, USA. Loves to share tips and tricks about stock market and forex.

I hope you will enjoy writing articles in this site. Do not forget to follow the guidelines strictly. Just write naturally, avoid keyword stuffing and do not copy content from other site. Otherwise, you article/s will only be deleted by the site admin. After you published an article, share your article with your friends on Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

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