Are Billionaires Bad for the Economy? If Yes, Why?

Posted by Grace under General Info on April 27, 2015

A reader asked a question, “Are billionaires bad for the economy or every rich people bad, lonely, unkind, desperate, has broken family, boastful? If they are, is it advisable to become rich, too?”  Mark JQ of Georgia, USA send this question via email last April 28, 2015. I know you are following every articles publish in a blog that can teach you how to invest money. Let us now answer this question. 

If there are good and bad people everywhere, I think there are also good and bad billionaires. Some poor people are kind and unkind, some are boastful even though they are not rich. Some poor people are broken families and some has happy family.


Are Billionaires Bad for the Economy?

No, the truth is that billionaires has a great role in developing the economy of a one country. Sometimes, the whole world’s economy are just the effect of a “billionaire’s act”. Billionaires have business and assets.

Therefore, not all billionaires are bad, unkind, boastful, belong to broken family, desperate. You can say whatever character you want about rich people. But it is a truth, rich people are better than poor people.

If you want to become rich, have reasons to become rich. If your reasons to become rich is to become famous, to humiliate poor people, to become boastful, well when you become rich, you may consider yourself as “bad rich man”.

Be Like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Why not do what many of the billionaire did. Billionaires are happy, generous, kind and loving. Look at Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, they are American Billionaires. Are they boastful, desperate, unkind and selfish? No. They are happy, generous, kind and loving. They have charity foundations to help their community.

If you will study their lives. Most of their wealth were donating in the charities and foundation. Study how they live and how do they use their wealth to add value in every people’s lives. If you wish to become like them, clean your heart and mind. Have a positive attitude, right mindset and be a loving, kind and generous man.

I do hope you love response from the question, are billionaires bad for the economy?. Thanks for reading! Have a prosperous life!

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