Are Online HYIP Schemes Safe Investment?

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 20, 2016

Looking for HYIP? Do you think online HYIP schemes are safe investment? Let’s talk about high yield investment programs today. There are many people who are get attracted to invest money in HYIP. Do they have the chance to get rich in investing in HYIP or do they just increase the possibility of losing money?

When I opened my inbox today, Rod from Italy is asking a basic question about investing. Rod wants to invest in high yield investment programs.


Rod, in his letter said;

“Hi Grace, I am not sure if this question is appropriate to your blog. I just want to know more about high yield investment programs; are online HYIP schemes safe investment? Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you”.

Online HYIP Schemes

The online HYIP schemes promises newly recruited investors to invest money in their programs. They promise great return. Imagine if your money you invest in high yield investment programs will give you a 300% return in on week. OMG, that’s a huge return.

Even the stock market can’t beat that return. An average return should only be 8 percent per year. Remember that. How come online HYIP Schemes are giving you 300% return in 7 days?

Online HYIP Schemes are Scam

Most high yield investment programs online are scam. Don’t look for the best HYIP website. Don’t join any HYIP. Don’t even put even a single cent in HYIP.

HYIP will pay new members, but when old members invest money, the programs will never pay anymore money to newly investors. Don’t get lure to high return. You better look for legitimate investment programs. Take time to know how to invest in stocks, mutual funds or even in bonds. That way, you are surely investing money without getting scammed. Just make sure you invest in a program that is registered in the securities and exchange commission in your own country.

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