Applying Loans with No Job, Bank Account and Credit Card?

Posted by Grace under Loans on March 10, 2016

Is it possible to apply for a loans with no job? What if the loan applicant has no bank account and credit card? Will the bank or the lender denied his loan application?

What if you are applying for a job but no one hired you? Can you still apply for a loans without a job? Read my response to the reader.


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Hi Grace, I am Kelvin from San Diego, California, United States. I need a loan but I have no job! I want to apply for a loan to use as a capital to start my own business. I have applied for a job but no one accept me. Now I decided to start my entrepreneurship journey. The problem is I don’t have any credit card, bank account and a job. If I don’t have a job or I don’t have a bank account or credit card can I still get a loan? 

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Answer & Responses to Applying Loans with No Job, Bank Account and Credit Card?

If you are looking for loans with no job required? You have to show some proof that you can repay the loan. YES. It is possible to get a loan without a job. All you need is to show your proof of assets. Think about this. I someone want to borrow money from you, will you lend him even if you think he can’t pay you back? NO. Again, think about this when applying for a loan;

No Job = No Income.
No Income = No Way to Pay Back the Borrowed Money 
No Way to Pay back the loan = Loan Denied

Applying Loans with No Job, Bank Account and Credit Card?

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Use Collateral when Applying Loans with No Job

When applying for a loans with no job, you can use your lot title, car COR and other assets. These can be use as a collateral when applying for a loan.

I have lot title and car COR. Where can I get a loan without a job then? Still, you can apply a loans in the bank, private financial institutions or government agencies like this.

There are lending institutions that you can apply with no employment verification. There are many ways to get a loans with no job, bank account and credit card. But of course, it will be easy for you to apply for a loan if you have job, business, bank account, assets like lot title, stock certificate and even cars.

Follow Up Question? What are the type of loans for people with no job? Loans for the unemployed.

Answer: You can apply for a business loan, house loan and car loan as long as you can show any strong evidence or proof (assets) that you have the ability to repay the loan. You can’t apply for a salary loan of course if you have no job because the requirement in applying for a salary loan is employment verification, employer’s ID, pay slip, etc.

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