Apple.Store Company Used in Email Phishing to Victimize People

Posted by Grace under Scams and Frauds on February 26, 2017

The Apple.Store was used to scam people. In the email message I received, it is very clear that the email message was not really from Apple, Inc. The company (Apple, Inc.) should know about this to inform other people about the evil intention of the sender of this email message. We love to shop online especially when we are busy working. We can buy the latest Apple products in or to any other authorized reseller and distributor. I want to buy the latest iPhone (the iPhone 7; as of today). I became interested when I checked my email telling me about the Order Number from Apple.Store. I have no clue what the email message is all about. All I know is I didn’t purchased any items from the official website of Apple, inc.

I believe the official website of Apple, Inc. is We can only buy or purchase Apple products to the official website. But, wait, what if someone send you an email message telling you that you have a confirmation order number for your “9.7-inch iPad Pro Wifi 128GB – Rose Gold”.


Wew, I don’t purchased any products from, how come I have a order number from Apple store. Take a look of this email message and find out if this can scam people. I think No. Read the email message;

Thanks for your order.

We’ll let you know when your order will be on their way.

Items to Be Delivered,
Ships 1 Business days Deliver: February 25, 2017 by Standart Deliver
Personalized 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wifi 128GB – Rose Gold

Get your shipment

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That’s the content of email message. The links are not working. I received this email message on February 23, 2017 at 1:30 am. The sender used the Apple.Store as his.her name and the email address is

Before it’s too late, block the email address of the sender ( for you to stop receiving the same email message. What do you think about this scam report? Do you think the sender is smart enough to get the attention of the email message receiver if he/she will use the subject “Order Number W600928392” and use Apple.Store as his name? Leave a comment below.

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