APEC Summit 2015 Updates: Venue, Schedule

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Looking for APEC summit 2015 updates? Want to know the APEC Summit 2015 schedule, venue and the host city? What is APEC and its benefits? APEC means Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The APEC Economic Leaders’ meeting will be on November 18 to November 19 2015. The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting will be held in Manila, Philippines.

The Philippine government is preparing in this very special event. According to reliable news source, the United States President (Barrack Obama) will attend the meeting.


In the Philippines, there’s no classes in Metro Manila on November 17 to November 20, 2015 (school holidays) and the non-working days on November 18-19, 2015. (see other APEC Summit 2015 schedule).

So, if you are a students from Metro Manila in all levels, the classes will temporarily suspended because of the APEC Summit 2015. Watch news on TV, listen to radio, visit the official website of APEC (apec.org) to get the latest news and updates. Students should be aware of this said APEC Summit 2015. Maybe their social studies teacher will ask them one by one what happens during the said event. Maybe the social studies asked the students about the “benefits of being a host country for APEC Summit 2015 or the meaning of APEC which is Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

APEC Summit 2015

Image Courtery: APEC, APEC Philippines 2015

APEC Summit 2015 Schedule (ABAC)

  • ABAC Dialogue with Leaders
  • Schedule: 18th November 2015
  • Venue: Manila, Philippines

APEC Summit 2015 Schedule (Economic Leaders’ Meeting)

  • APEC Economic Leader’s Meeting
  • Schedule: 18th – 19th November 2015
  • Venue: Manila, Philippines

Maybe you asked, “is APEC Summit 2015 a holiday“? The answer is yes. APEC Summit 2015 is an holiday. President Aquino (Philippine President) declared November 18 & 19 as a non-working holdiays (in NCR National Capital Region Only).

What’s the benefits of being a host city for APEC Summit 2015? The benefit  of being a host city is that every APEC Economic Leaders will have the chance to observe the city and the country if the country is a good place to invest. Beware of criticisms. There are constructive criticisms, anyway! Economic leaders usually observe traffic, human interactions and business opportunities. Leaders has many things to talk about during this event. The focus of their discussions maybe on every countries’ “PROGRESS”.

Participating APEC Economies

How many participating countries (members) of APEC? It has a participating countries from North America and Europe.

APEC member countries

Image Courtesy: APEC.ORG

Brunei Darussalam
People’s Republic of China
Hong Kong, China
Republic of Korea
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Chinese Taipei
United States
Viet Nam

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So, Filipinos here’s your chance to show your best. But, I hope you will show your best not only when there is an APEC Summit. What can you say about this page? Did you find this page useful? Share this information about APEC Summit 2015 with your friends, classmates and co-workers. Do not forget to subscribe to this blog for more upcoming important events.

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    NCR Road Advisories during APEC Summit 2015 can be found here NCR Road Advisories for APEC Summit 2015

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