Answers to Questions About Real Legitimate Investment Options

Posted by Grace under Investing on July 24, 2016

There are many answers to questions related to “investing“. A fan of asked a question about “real investment”. The question is easy to understand, but when it comes to investing terminologies, the word “real investment” simply means “an investment about real estate properties or any tangible assets.

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Answers to Questions About Real Investment (Legitimate)

Here is the example of questions sent by our readers.

Kindly advice on which investment that is real.

From: Prince Adpoju Kenny via Facebook Page

Answers to Questions About Legitimate or Real Investment Options

I think the best way to ask that question “Kindly advice on which investment that is real.” is “what are the legitimate investment”. We can’t blame Prince Adpoju Kenny because he don’t want to become a victim of investment frauds and scam.

Answers to Questions: What are the Legitimate Investment

There are different questions to ask about investing. You can ask questions online. However, if you will just ask questions online, you will never know if the answers are “reliable”.

Getting the right answer will start by asking the right answer to the right people. Prince Adpoju Kenny is very comfortable in asking an advice in, thanks Prince.

Our Answer to Prince’s Question

Legitimate investments (or the one you considered as the “real investment”) can easily identify. Some of the real “types of investments” are stocks, mutual funds, bonds, business, forex and real estate. A legitimate investment is govern by law. Example, stock investment is govern by Securities and Exchange Commissions.

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