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Posted by Grace under General Info on August 23, 2015

Attention Readers: Migrated to One Domain! We are migrating all website content in one domain! All published articles by me and my spouse are migrated to one domain. Here only at The reason why I migrated all contents from our other websites to one websites is because I want to become more FOCUSED.

Sorry for making you confused, but you shouldn’t! All articles from our other blogs are all here. If you want to read the recent post, just go to the home page of this blog.


Few months ago, this blog was hosted in blogger. Then, all my articles in will soon migrated in this website. Read my story on how I migrated my Blogger blog to WordPress

If you want to read deleted articles from other blogs that we transferred here, just choose one of our website category.

Investing Archives from Return-On-Investment.Org and Compound-Interest.Net

In this archives you can read the post from, the blog will be available until 2016, it will expired on September 2015.

Insurance Archives – we will migrate all post from Insurance-Premium.Net in this category. The domain name will soon expired, too.

migrated to one domain to another

Migration Process: Image Credit: Patrick Coe on CC 2.0

Migrating Isn’t Easy!

Migrating our blog post to only one website isn’t easy. It is like migrating to Canada from Singapore, or migrating from Taiwan to Paris, or migrating to Mexico to USA. However, it’s worth trying because I know the benefits I can get!

The Reasons Why I Migrated to One Domain

  1. I will become more focused!
  2. I can save money buying more domains!
  3. I can save a lot of time since I am managing only one website!
  4. I can maximize the usability of this website!
  5. I can become more productive!

My friends and readers from USA and Canada will visit this site because most articles published in Return-On-Investment.Org, Insurance-Premium.Net and Compound-Interest.Net are about investing, personal finance and business and entrepreneurship!

Support our blog –, will surely help you understand how investing works! is a blog used to talk about stock market investing and mutual funds investing. It has also topics on retirement planning, real estate, credit cards, banking and finance, loans and grants, 401k, etc.

From time to time, we will announce the latest updates and news about To get the latest news, just visit our announcement section! Thank you for visiting! Share this with your friends! Do not forge to leave a comment! Have a nice day!

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