Advantages of Used Cars

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Buying a car is always an event that requires a lot of planning and dedication; it’s a hefty investment into something that is supposed to remain in your possession for years to come, unless you are a host of Wheeler Dealers. Opting for buying a used car is often frowned upon, even though this is something worth taking into consideration, at the very least. A pre-owned car can sometimes even work out much better than buying a new car – for example, some quality models have been pulled from production. Without further ado, we present you some advantages of buying used cars.

Saving Up

To start off on an obvious note, the most common reason why people choose to get a used car is to save money. As a rule of thumb, a used car’s value is estimated at the low of the half of its original retail price and, although this varies in terms of condition, mileage and model, you can expect to save a whole lot, if you decide to go with a pre-owned vehicle. Even though the interest rates on new cars are generally lower than the case is with used cars, the difference is slight and, in the end, you will still end up saving money.


Perfect for Your Child

Most of us dread the moment when our children will ask as to teach them how to drive. However, when they ask you to buy them a car (and they happen to deserve one), there isn’t much to do – you are basically obligated to get them a vehicle. Buying them a new car will doubtlessly bring a smile to their faces, but getting them a safer, pre-owned vehicle is a much better solution for their first set of wheels – not only are you looking at saving a bunch, but this way you are teaching them to appreciate their vehicle. Once they’re old enough and have gotten a job (be it part-time or full-time) you can offer to help them to buy a new one, but for their first car, a used one is definitely the way to go.

Starting a Business

If you happen to be planning on running a delivery business, a car will be necessary. However, chances are you won’t be rolling in money the moment you start your business, so any set of wheels with a trunk large enough will do. Buying a used car is a great way to cover your needs, regardless of whether you’re delivering food or flowers. Food for thought: online auctions in Australia have become somewhat of a popular thing – saving a lot has never been easier – just a couple of clicks away and, face it, everyone prefers online browsing to actually running around town, looking for a perfect match.

Taking it Apart

Okay, this might sound a little weird, but some people actually tend to buy used cars for the parts. No, we’re not talking about collectors here, or car mechanics; we’re talking about DIY enthusiasts. By taking apart a car, you can make a variety of home objects, which will not only look interesting, but even save you quite a bit of money (some say that you can find a car on Craigslist for as little as $250). Here are some interesting items that can be made from car parts:

  • Hose reel – Take a car wheel and use it for your garden hose
  • Fire pit – A car wheel can be easily turned into a fire pit with little effort
  • Patio table – Put two car tyres on top of each other and then add a glass surface – the tyres won’t fall because of their stable broad base and the whole table will be waterproof.
  • Coffee table – Now this tends to look extremely neat if you utilize a car engine – simply add the glass surface on top and use the exhaust pipes as surface to come up with an absolutely baller coffee table.
  • Office chair – Car seats are made with comfort in mind and you can probably already see where this is going – add your old chair’s wheels to the bottom of the car seat and voila – you can enjoy your brand new office chair
  • Flip flops – Finally, let’s end on a relatively ridiculous note – cut your used tyre in the shape of your soles and add everything else that’s necessary to make flip flops. Colour it and you’re good to go!

There are a lot of advantages of used cars and we hope that we’ve covered the majority – they’re cheaper, excellent for your kid, useful for any kind of a startup and you can do crazy stuff with them, only with a bit of imagination. So think about what you need and go with a pre-owned vehicle!

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