Acquiring My First Real Estate Investment Property

Posted by Grace under Real Estate on February 18, 2016

September 5, 2014 when I acquired my first real estate investment property. I am so happy since it was the first experience that I own a lot. Actually it was a house and lot. The house needs improvement. Maybe some major changes will cost me a lot of money. I decided not to touch it, I bought it for some few thousand bucks.

What should I do? Here’s the question since the property is not making me money. I didn’t get any single amount for my investment. Some people say it was a huge mistake that I bough real estate property at young age. Other people say’s it was great.


Different people, different point of views about investing in real estate property. For me it is a great achievement. There are many people, but they are not familiar with the benefits of investment property.

Acquiring My First Real Estate Investment Property

Image Credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on CC 2.0 via Flickr

Stocks and Real Estate Property

I invested money in stocks and mutual funds. My favorite are stocks and real estate property. When my mutual funds get profits, I will soon buy another cheap real estate property.

Oww, that’s not my first real estate property. I got this house picture from Flickr, as seen on the image credit. Such a beautiful house, right? It’s a wonderful life. I love landscapes, that’s why I choose this photo.

Things to Do with My First Real Estate Investment Property

So what can I do to my first real estate property? Here are my options;

  • wait for few years and sell it
  • build a house and sell it
  • build an apartment and make money through rentals

I choose the last options because that option can gave me passive income. Passive income that can help me make money during my retirement years.

Update: I bought another cheap real estate property. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am so happy with my first real estate investment property. I know the amount of money I invested in buying that property can give me a high return on investment sooner. What about you? What is your experience in buying your first real estate investment property? Let me know about it, share it in the comment box.

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