How to Achieve My Financial Goal Easily?

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on August 18, 2013

I want to know how to achieve my financial goal easily right now! I am willing to learn! I am on my way to financial freedom, one of my goal in life is to become financially free, 5 years from now I will never work for someone else, because I am a millionaire and my business goal was already achieved. My financial goal is to obtain my retirement target earning asset so that when I retire, my money will work hard for me.

During my college years, I never saved money, and my habit is spend money as much as I want, although I was working as a part time during that time, saving and investing money didn’t came into my mind. I thank God I’ve changed my attitude about money, I am now a good steward of money.


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I love money and i believe money is flowing in my life continuously everyday and ideas in making money are always on my mind and taking action to perform those ideas.

I learn from my mistakes and never never never do it again in my life. Lack of knowledge about financial litreacy, didn’t saved money nor didn’t invest money, 10 years wasted. Why? Because I experience how hard to have lack of money, and experiencing a lot of money in my life. There is a big difference between the two, the poor and the rich. And I am rich (but poor before). I don’t want to think that I was a poor coz’ i only want to attract in my life is abundance and prosperity.

My first book about finance and business is “You Can Be Rich!” by David King, I bought that book and I’ve learned a lot from it. A simple ideas on how to become rich in business and become a millionaire, the book stated that when you become rich, you can give help to the community in many different ways, that’s why I am so interested in making a lot of money now. Thank you God I have already everything, thank you for the wisdom.

How to Achieve My Financial Goal Easily?

1. Study Your Current Financial Situation

I studied my current financial situation, doing research how to make my money grow overtime, and searching for the best way on how to make money online and offline as an entrepreneur. I succeed because I take action, not just planning and making a goal, a always put everything into action.

After I studied my current situation, eventually it has a big improvement for I started my own business and I achieve my business goal. Aside from doing business, to be specific, an agricultural business, I learned different things how my money works fr me, that’s why I started to invest in different investment opportunities like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, but I did started with stocks, my financial goal in stock market, i should have extra $500,000 after few years (10 years for long term).

2. Have a SMART Financial Goal

SMART simply means, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. To be specific about my financial goal, I must acquire $1,000,000 after 20 years, to enjoy my life to the fullest and go wherever I want with my family (wife and kids), helping other people by sponsoring bright kids in the form of scholarship program, build more opportunities so that other people will get a job easily and help those people who wants to start their own business by lending them a business capital without any interest.

Would you like to congratulate me and follow my foot steps to become financially free or you must enjoy your life and suffer in the near future? It’s up to you, I know where I am going, I have a clear mind and strong determination about my financial goal.

I hope you enjoy my article on how to achieve my financial goal. If you have questions about financial literacy (investing money, wise saving, budgeting, wise spending) please read some topics about when and where is the best place to invest money and how to achieve time and financial freedom. May all your dreams come true. God bless you hope, health, wealth and prosperity!

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