Achieving Financial Goal: Couple’s Discussion

Posted by Grace under Money on August 27, 2013

Achieving financial goal can only be done by proper planning. Today is August 28, 2013 documenting our discussion about financial goal on August 27, 2013 (Tuesday) ,me and my wife talks about stocks, mutual funds and UITF, I explained we will going to achieve financial freedom.

How to achieve our financial goal. After I’ve been to work, at 2:45 pm, I am excited to go home, for i will going to receive my first salary from my employer, I am a government employee. Why I am excited, because I promise my wife that after we get married, we will going to invest on stock market and mutual funds, that time I’ve never mentioned UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund).


This is what happened, 2:45 pm, I kiss my wife when I arrived at home and tell her I’ve got something to say after we ate our snacks, we’re only at home, my wife is also getting excited on the things about what I will going to tell her, she always ask me while we are eating our snacks, I just keep on eating and after we ate our snacks, I opened the computer and I teach him anything about how stock market works, how mutual funds works, and what is UITF, which banks offers UITF.

Achieving Financial Goal and Explaining Our Dream Board

I always tell her to look at our dream board, for I explained these things to her, these are; the picture above are our dream board, we should have lot of businesses that allow us to increase our income (these are our money machines), the second one to “if we ask, we should believe that we will receive it”.

I explain to her that she always think that she has already have these things, the third one is the COL Financial where in we invest money in the stock market through their services, the fourth one is our favorite book “the secret”, we should follow the guide that written on the secret”, whether it is for money, health, relationship. The fifth picture is “money”, how good we have that amount of money in our bedroom”, our goal is to become happy and rich. The next is our dream home, our dream car and our dream family – a family that has time and financial freedom.

Proper Discussions About Financial Goal

How we will going to manage our money, we are in front of the computer, we have notebooks, and I opened “word document”. We discuss about the best companies to buy stocks/shares with. ( we don’t have to mentioned the 4 blue chips companies). The 2 companies that offers mutual funds investing (of course we choose equity for long term).

Another talks are, the savings, do you know that we save and invest 70% of our income? Yes, we are living in a simple way, the good thing about us is we are frugal, we know prioritize our needs and maximize the resources.

We wrote in the notebook the amount of money thay we should invest in different investment products and the company we like, and the target date when we should get our investments. Some are 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. I wrote this article as document and it serves as a reminder on how we should manage our money. Written on August 28,2013 at 1:03 am – time to sleep.

Achieving Financial Goal is the Greatest Goal

I love my wife, I really love her, I declare now from the bottom of my heart with my deepest desire and burning passion to succeed that; “ME and MY WIFE are HAPPY and RICH”, “ME and MY WIFE are now FINANCIALLY FREE”. Thank you Lord for giving me the wisdom, for giving me the best gift in my entire life “MY BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY and UNDERSTANDING WIFE”.  thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet positive people, finance experts, rich and grateful people, , thank you, thank you.

Achieving financial goal is one of the best achievement I could ever have. As of today, my net worth increased very high. Bought more mutual fund shares. Share this page with your friends and do not forget to share the things you want to talk about your financial goal.

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