Investment Tips Before Start Investing Your Money (A-Z)

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Investment tips from return on investment total blog! This A-Z investment tips for beginners are useful. It reminds you on what to do and what not to do when you invest money. This A-Z investing guide is practical and simple. Whenever you want to read tips and investing advice, just visit – return on investment. If you want the best investment advice ever, read the post of Paul Merriman from MarketWatch

I don’t know what would be your reaction if I will tell you right now that I wrote this A-Z investment tips for beginners in just 20 minutes. Wow, I am not a skillful writer. I just want to share what I know. Are you ready?


In investing, you must have a rich mindset. T. Harv Eker said in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, “Rich people play the money game to win while poor people play the money game to not lose”.

The reason why we are investing money is to make money and achieve financial freedom. However, other people just invest. They invest half heartedly, they aren’t sure, they aren’t confident. You know why? It is because they don’t want to lose money. The effect of that mindset is, you are focusing on “losing” not “winning”.

I do hope this list of investment tips will help you along the way. Enjoy this A-Z investment tips for newbie investors.

Investment Tips for Beginners

A- Always watch the risks, learn to manage risk and focus on rewards.
B- Be careful in investing money that promises high return on investment.
C- Challenge yourself to know more, invest more and earn more. If you aren’t willing to know more, ask Certified Financial Planner or Registered Investment Advisor

D- Diversify, but, don’t be lazy tracking and calculating your return on investment. Don’t fool yourself taking high risks that you can’t afford. Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Start investing with $100, and then start investing 500 dollars and when you become an skillful investor, increase your investment capital. Small money investing is recommended when you are just a newbie.

investment tips a to z

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Investment Tips – Grab the Investment Opportunities

E- Easy investments opportunities are hard to find. Grab if you found legitimate one.
F- Fill your investment baskets, not your credit card bills.
G- Go for asset allocation. Whenever your age changed, know if you invest based on your risks tolerance and financial goal. Remember, as you grow older, your needs and risks appetite also changed.

H- Hunt investment opportunity that can give high ROI but required low capital and low risk or not risks at all.
I- Inflation should be your guide, earn higher than its rate.
J- Junk. Avoid junk investments offers (watch out the scams, and frauds). Junk food is not good for your health while junk investments aren’t good to your financial health.

Investment Tips – Long Terms Investing and Leveraging is Necessary

K- Know everything! If you want to succeed, grow. If you want to grow, learn more.
L- Long term investing and leveraging is great! Don’t forget about liquidity. Take advantage of leveraging. Learn how to make money using other people’s money. Learn how to start investing money with little money or no money at all. You can do it through leveraging.

M- Market Timing, timing the market? Whatever it is! Always remember, time is your best financially ally.
N- Net Worth will only increase if you keep on buying assets not liabilities.
O- Options. There are many investment options you can choose. Choose one that can give you great results.
P- Plan ahead. Don’t just invest money. Invest carefully with a specific plan that defines your financial goals.
Q- Quality. Ask yourself; do you invest in a company with high quality products and services?

Investment Tips – Stockholders are Rewarded in Several Ways

R- Risk. Remember; “Take risk, if you win you will be happy, if you lose, you will become wise”.

“Think of investing as a challenge to increase our personal wealth – and it comes with strategies that we can master as we play along.” (1) 

S- Stockholders are rewarded in several ways. Don’t just buy the products or services of your favorite brand, buy company’s stocks. Learn how to start investing in stocks and start a portfolio today.

T- Term life insurance is your best bet. Buy term and invest the difference.
U- Understand that risks should be proportionate to the reward. Skillful investors know how to apply “low risk=high reward”.

V- Value investing. Familiarize value investing. Take advantage of stock market’s bargain.
W- Will. Prepare your will. This is a legal document that specifies how your assets should be distributed when you die.

X- X-Ray. Do not forget to check the investment offers twice or several times. But don’t waste your time in just thinking. Check the hidden fees, hidden charges when you invest. Sometimes, those fees and charges will only eat your profits.

Investment Tips – Don’t Forget to Buy Bonds, too!

Y- Yield is only one component of your total return on investment.
Z- Zero-Coupon Bond. Have you heard about it? Buying bonds is preferable especially when you do asset allocation. You will receive a large sum when they matured because you bought zero-coupon bonds at a huge discount.



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