7 Positive Money Mindset to Riches & Prosperity

Posted by Grace under Money on May 24, 2017

Looking for positive money mindset? We have different money beliefs. Some are positive and some are negatives. Same as the money mindset, some money mindset are garbage but some are positive, constructive and useful enough to help you get rich and prosper in life.

Today, let me share some of the positive money mindset I am using. It’s up to you if you want to acquire these money mindset or just use your current way of thinking about money.


1. Money can buy happiness, unless owning a BMW car, buying a real estate properties, being a major stockholder of Apple, Inc., helping poor people, feeding hungry people in Africa, protecting the environment and offering large amount of money in your church or charity can’t make you happy.

2. Money can help you do anything and anytime you want to do it.
3. Giving is essential to show you are willing to share what you have while willingness in receiving is a great way to ask your worth. Therefore, giving and receiving are both important.

4. Money is not the root of all evil. Lack of money is. Love of money is not a sin. Worshiping money is.
5. Only money can help you achieve total freedom; time freedom and financial freedom. You don’t have to work anymore, you only work by choice and not because you need to. You can sleep anytime or do anything you want because you hold your own time and no one can or dictate you what to do and what not to do.

6. Money can bring happiness and peace in your home.
7. Money is awesome because it can help you become healthy by means of buying nutritious foods, buying membership in the gym for workouts and make you calm because you’re not worrying about it.

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More Positive Money Mindset

If you want to get rich and prosper in life, you need to have a positive money mindset. You need to have your own supportive way of thinking about money. Trash those garbage money mindset.

It is not easy to change your old money mindset into new one especially if you belong to poor family. Rich people do get rich by first removing to their vocabulary those poor money mindset like “money is the root of all evil” and if you make a lot of money, you belong to Satan and not Almighty God.

Another popular poor money mindset is when you get rich you will not have a peace of mind, unlike to ordinary citizen, they just live comfortably and in a peace of mind. Again, that’s totally garbage money mindset. It is contrary to the truth that when you get rich you will have a peace of mind.

Starting today, you must think positively about money. If you are getting trouble in changing your money mindset, read the book of T. Harv eker entitled the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind or stay tuned to Daily Investing Tips for more motivational, encouraging, inspiring and useful information about money.

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