7 Facebook Page with “USA” Word with Million Likes

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List of Facebook page with the word USA with more than one million Facebook likes. Managing a Facebook page for business is very difficult. Business owners, celebrities(famous personalities), artist and even politicians are getting more than one million Facebook likes.

I know you are familiar with social media integration. Facebook can help you get more audience. The more likes, the more fans you can get. If you have a Facebook page, get inspired with the Facebook page with more than one million (1,000,000+) likes.
If you get 1,000,000 one million likes on you Facebook page without spending on FB advertising, that means, you or your business (company name) is very popular.


7 Facebook Page with “USA” Word that Has More than One Million Likes

About: Smarter. Faster. More colorful. News that’s meant to be shared.
3,753,358 people like this

2. Usain Bolt
About: The Fastest Man in the World has the records for the 100m (9.58) and 200m (19.19). He hails from Trelawny, Jamaica.
16,880,887 people like this
https:// facebook.com/usainbolt/

3. USA Basketball
About: The National Governing Body for basketball in the U.S., it’s main mission is to select teams for international competition, including teams comprised of high school, college and pro athletes.
3,181,846 eople like this

4. Hallmark Channel USA
About: The Official Hallmark Channel Facebook Page. At Hallmark Channel, we celebrate life’s special occasions every day.
2,437,653 people like this
https:// facebook.com/hallmarkchannel/

facebook page usa

Image Credit: Jay Cameron on Creative Commons via Flickr – Facebook Logo Sticker

5. M&M’s U.S.A.
About: Welcome to the official M&M’S® U.S.A. Page. This is the place on Facebook where you can talk about (and occasionally to) your beloved M&M’S Brand Spokescandies.
10,526,649 people like this
https:// facebook.com/mms/

6. Lindt Chocolate USA
About: Welcome to the official LINDT USA Facebook fan page! Discover the world of LINDT chocolate and the secrets of the LINDT Master Chocolatiers. Visit www.lindt.com for more information on our brands, products, news and more.
1,574,503 people like this
https:// facebook.com/LindtChocolate/

7. Miss Arab USA
About: Welcome to the Official Facebook Page of The Miss Arab USA Pageant and Miss Arab USA 2015, Fabiola Al-Ibrahim, 22yrs, of Syrian origin, resident of WV
1,692,082 people like this
https:// facebook.com/MissArabUSA/

The &M’S® U.S.A. Page and Usain Bolt has the most number of Facebook likes. Do you know any other Facebook page that has a word “USA” in it with more than 1,000,000 likes? Share it in the comment box below!

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