5 Websites to Find Quality Used Cars

Posted by Grace under Cars for Sale on June 25, 2017

Looking for quality used cars? Here are the top 5 and other websites that will help you find quality used cars. When find affordable pre-owned cars, it is wise to find and compare the car model you want to buy.

Comparing the price of the car model will help you save big money. And, it will also help you hunt a quality used car when you visit different websites. Say for example, if you are looking for a Ford Everest year model 2013 manual transmission, you need to visit website A and search the car mode including its price, mileage and some important things you need to know when buying a car.


A. Find Quality Used Cars in OLX.ph

OLX.ph a former “sulit.com.ph” have  a wide list of cars for sale in its database. Just go to OLX.ph, choose “Cars and Automotive ” category.

You can make advanced search here and you can also show the units with low prices first or expensive unit first. It is advisable to search car unit in your local area’ Say for example you are residing in Cubao, Quezon City: Ford Everest 2013 (Area: Metro Manila).

B. Carmudi List of Quality Used Cars

Carmudi is one of my favorite website when it comes to hunting quality used cars. Carmudi has also advanced search wherein you can search the Make and Model, the Condition of the car you are looking for (brand new or used), the price of the car and location.

C. Find Quality Used Cars in Facebook

The easiest way to find quality used cars is through Facebook. Many people are now using Facebook not just to socialize but to sell their items including car and real estate property.

All you need to do is to use the Facebook search engine and will give you the results you want in just few seconds. Try to use different search string, example we are looking fo Ford Everest 2013 and we are residing in Quezon City, Philippines.

Car Mode + year + location

  • Ford Everest 2013 for Sale in Quezon City

Also, make use of Facebook groups to find quality used cars. Join many groups related to “second hand cars”, “pre-owned cars” or “used cars” in your local area.

D. InvestmentTotal.com List of Used Cars, Repossessed Cars, Etc.

You can also use InvestmentTotal.com. All you need to do is to go to homepage of this website or go directly to Cars for Sale category to find quality used cars, repossessed cars or some cars that the site admin is authorized to sell.

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E. Use the Search Engine like Google to Search for Quality Used Cars

Google is the popular search engine. Same as finding quality used cars in Facebook, you need to use different search string to find car you are looking for including the make and model, the year built, the price, location, transmission (manual or automatic), fuel, etc.

Finding quality used cars can be easy. Just use the 5 websites I have mentioned in this page including this website InvestmetTotal.com – this website is not just about investment, it’s about anything (from money talks, real estate properties, business opportunities and cars for sale. Leave a comment below if you know other website that are useful when searching for quality used cars.

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