5 Things to Do if You Won A Billion Dollars

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on December 24, 2014

List of the best things to do if you won a billion dollars today. This article is not meant to teach you how to won a billion dollars. In reality making a billion dollars will take time by building an assets. Most of the billionaires are self-made, simply means they didn’t go somewhere else to win a billion a dollars. They earn their billions through hard work, smart works and creative ideas. If you want not just to become rich but to stay rich, read this guide.

Maybe this short ideas can help you decide on where you should spend all your billions. Spend? Read further for more information. If you are already a billionaire, hey don’t laugh while reading this page. I know you know what to do to your billions. If you have excess money, try contact InvestmentTotal.com and donate some bucks (just kidding).


If you want to earn your first billion dollars, just follow the tips given in this page;

How to Earn Billion Dollars

1. Be an Entrepreneur. Learn how to start your own business. Make it succeed. Do whatever it takes to make your business a success not a failure.

2. Take Advantage of Leveraging. Billionaires borrow million dollars to and make a profit of millions. They rinse and repeat. They keep on borrowing money in the bank or other financial insitutions that lends money. Billionaires use other people skills and time. This is the flow, they think an idea, they make that idea into reality, they borrow money in the bank, they hire people.

3. Hard Work. Billionaires don’t just sing the song of Bruno Mars “I wanna be a billionaire”. They think they will become a billionaire someday.

4. Billionaires know the true importance of money. That’s why they handle it, they manage it and they earn it with integrity. They earn it, they keep it. Poor people earn money, and they spend it all. See the difference?

Things to Do With if You Won a Billion Dollars

Now the question is what if you won a billion dollars? It’s up to you whether you want to win on business or lottery. If I were you, try to invest in stock market in a small amount of money and do it within 20 years and above, rather than punching in the moon wishing to win billions in lottery. What would the best things to do with your billion dollars?

  • 70% of my billion dollars should be in investment accounts. I will invest my billions in stocks, real estate and mutual funds. And build business empires to help other people by providing job opportunities. I will never give money to anyone, I will give them jobs so that they, too, knows how to earn money.
  • 10% will go to church congregations
  • 10% of my billions should go to charity for kids or elders.
  • 10% of my billion dollars should be for my family such as education for my kids, a simple house, a simple car and a simple lifestyle.

Things to Do if You Won A Billion Dollars

As you have noticed, i don’t want to live luxuriously. I want to live my life in a simple manner rather than bragging my luxury cars, mansions, golden watch, jewelries on my neck, arms, ears, suites etc. Why? it is because no matter how much money you have, you will never become rich if your lifestyle exceeds in your income.

I would like to have an earning asset that will cover not just my lifestyle but also my future needs such as medical when I get older. Retirement savings to use as if I want to live in Alabama to live the rest of my life with beautiful views of nature.

Assets are the best answer to stay billionaire, hey, remember, being a billionaire took you so long, it takes time and a lot of sacrifices. Beginning today, ask yourself when you earned your first billions “how to stay happy and rich and simple”. If you find this answer useful, share it. Please add other important things to do if you won a billion dollars. Use the comment box.

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