5 Famous New Year 2018 Resolution that Fails

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Here are the famous new year resolution that always fails. Failing shouldn’t be your plan for this coming new year. Sometimes, it is ironic when we see other people trying hard to change the way they are, if they are obese, they want to lose weight. During new year (December 1 until February) many people are coming in the gym and do an exercises hoping they will lose weight.

But, after few months (after February), they go back to their old habits. They trained their mind and body in few months. But, it’s sad to say, an old “freaking” habit won’t change in just few months, it takes years. Before we continue about changing your habits, here’s the list of famous new year’s resolution that “always” fails.


5 Famous New Year Resolution that Fails

1. Quit Smoking

I quit smoking on 2015, I will never smoke again. That’s the lines of the smoker. You know what, the addicted smoker will say that lines with “confidence” only on the last day of December. But when he is bored he will try to smoke again. Funny, right? Is that your new year’s resolution?

Solution: Always think the side-effects of smoker, if you will just search it today, you will find out there are lots of “health risks” due to smoking (e.g., lung cancer)

2. Stop Being Alcoholic

I quit drinking. I mean drinking of alcohol. A drinker might say, I quit drinking on 2015. That’s why it is wise for me to drink a lot on New Year’s eve. This is the last time I will drink alcohol. These lines are “golden” lines from drinker. Few weeks later, when he saw his peers drinking or invited to an occasions, these drinkers will only forget their “resolution”. Agree or disagree?

Solution: Love your wife and your kids. They are the one to be prioritized, not your peers.

3. Stop Being Shopaholic

Hmmm, are you a shopaholic? On 2015, choose whether you control your money or let your money be the one to control you; your time, mind, and body…If I were you, beginning today, will train myself to save and invest for the future. You don’t even know, the things you are buying are just “non-sense”, they just depreciated its value. Imagine, how many mobile phones do you have today? How much money did you spend for these phones? Now, sell them today, how much money will you get?

Solution: Do not get jealous or envy when your friends has new stuffs, be wise enough. Spend your money by buying company’s stocks or mutual funds shares. Imagine, who is more wealthy? The one who is using an iPhone 6, or the one who is an Apple (AAPL) stockholder? There’s no reason to get envy, if that’s the case.

4. To Lose Weight

As I’ve said before, you only need to train yourself not in few months but years. Think about this, you will sacrifice your 2 months time in going to gym, doing an exercise, you sacrifice because you want to be healthy. But, after few months, your old habits drive you crazy. Eating too much pizza, drinking soft drinks, taking too much sweet foods like cakes, soon you realize you’re obese again. Your 2 months sacrifice in the gym are just wasted.

Solution: Be disciplined enough. Watch the food and drinks you intake. Set your mind clearly. Imagine if every people you meet says “wow you look great, how did you became sexy, you’re hot”, or “wow you’re cute, how come you look like barney the dinosaur today”.

5. Hurting Someone with No Reasons

This is the most common new year’s resolution that fails. A husband will promise his wife he will never hurt her again. He will greet her wife on New Year’s Eve saying “Happy New Year Darling, I Love You, You’re The Most Beautiful Girl I’ve Ever Known”. After few months, when this husband is stressful due to his work, he will confront his wife and “blah, blah, blah,” The worst is he will look another woman to relieve his stress. Believe me, if you are that kind of husband, you will never become happy. You are putting yourself and family in “curse”.

Solution: Focus your time and attention to your family especially to your wife. Spend your hard-earned money for your family. To be inspired everyday, invest money for your family especially for your kids education, or, if you are planning to live in a mansion, or, wants to retire comfortably in a beautiful and wonderful place with your loving wife.

To change your old habits, change your old thinking. Here’s how, do think what you really want in your life. Until when you want it? Is it for few months or forever?

Example, if you want a happy and rich family, you shouldn’t hurt your wife and spend your money in a nonsensical way. How simple was that? So simple, isn’t it. May you have a not just happy but a prosperous new year.

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